As Goes The Leader

As Goes the Leader

An old piece of wisdom says, “As goes the leader, so goes the team.” This means that if you aren’t taking care of yourself, you are in turn putting those who rely on you at risk. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you will have nothing to offer your team. Here are a few things to reflect on today:

►How is your margin? Are you protecting the space you need to think, connect dots, and do your deep work?

►How is your mind? Are you filling your well and seeking to find inspiration for your work? Have you dedicated time and space for study, reflection, journaling, and other unseen but essential and effective disciplines? These are often the very first things to disappear from your calendar when you’re busy.

►How is the flame? Are you still connected with your produc- tive passion? Are you effectively living out your principles?

Take some time at some point today to consider these three questions:

►How will I create space in my life to do the deep work that only I can do?

►How will I sharpen my mind and hone my intuition this week?

►How will I stay connected to my deeper why or productive

passion this week?

If you want your team to be healthy, you must model health.


How can you better model health today to those you work with?

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