April 8

In a monastery, there are a certain number of daily actions that take place on a regular schedule. This schedule of dailies is regimented and predictable but is the very reason the monastery is able to function and ultimately perform its purpose. If left to chance or the whims of the monks, it’s likely many of these tasks would rarely be accomplished, and the ceremonies would be intermittent.

We can learn much from the regimented life of a monastery. Having a set of dailies in your life can ensure that important activities don’t slip through the cracks. For example, here are a few of my dailies that I perform and check off each day:




Review goals


Have one meaningful conversation with each of my children

Engage in an act of business development

Create one piece of content

I keep a log of my dailies and check them off as I perform them each day. It’s not an option for me to skip a day or forget, because the list is right in front of me. Over time, these daily actions become habits that reap big rewards.

Your dailies are most certainly going to be different from mine, but make certain you have some.

Develop a small set of daily rituals to keep you focused and on track.

What should be on your dailies list?

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