April 4

In modern society, we often conflate boldness with bravery. They are not the same thing. Many people who act boldly are simply masking cowardice, anxiety, and insecurity with bold words and actions.

Bold leaders speak in declaratives, while brave leaders are willing to wade through the discomfort of seeing nuance.

Bold leaders identify scapegoats as the source of their problems, while brave leaders take accountability for their own thoughts and actions.

Bold leaders scream against events happening in their circle of concern, while brave leaders focus on what’s in their own circle of influence.

Bold leaders listen to what they want to hear, while brave leaders listen to what they need to hear and are willing to change their minds when confronted with new information.

In the face of uncertainty and chaos, it’s tempting to act merely with boldness, but now more than ever, our world needs bravery. We need people willing to step into the uncertainty and make brave, nuanced work.

Be brave leaders, friends. Do brave work. Don’t settle for mere boldness.

There is a difference between brave work and bold work. Brave work can be bold, but not all bold work is brave.

Is there any place in your life or work where you might be mistaking boldness and bravery? How can you be brave in your work today?

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