April 28

When an endeavor is successful, people almost always claim that it was due to strategy. When something fails, they will often talk about how circumstances conspired against them. To some extent, they may be right in both cases. Success or failure is always a mix of skill and luck. However, when you fail to notice the difference between these two forces, you will struggle to see the connection between your efforts and the results you experience.

By focusing on developing your skills and intuition – the things you can control – you are positioning yourself to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. You can’t control whether the breaks fall your way, but you can ensure that you’re ready to pounce on them when they do.

Focus on controlling those things you can control:

Your skill set

Your attitude

Your collaboration skills

Your communication, especially when writing

Your clarity of thought

Your leadership conversations

If you really hone these aptitudes, you increase your chances of success. By controlling what you can control, you place yourself where “creative accidents” are more likely to occur. Isn’t that lucky?

Don’t confuse luck with skill. Control what you can so you are positioned to take advantage of opportunities.

Which skills can you focus on developing so that you’re better positioned to take advantage of opportunity?

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