April 2

You could probably easily list a few people who have made a large impact on your life and work in the past few years. It might be someone in your organization who took a chance on you, a collaborator who recommended you for a job that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about, or even a “mentor from afar” whose work you admire and that has inspired you in some way.

The wonderful thing about living in these times is that it’s so easy to let those people know how much they’ve helped you. Carve out some time today to write a short note to a person in your life who has positively influenced you telling them how much you appreciate them. Be specific about how they helped you. If possible, write them a physical note, but if you don’t know how to contact them, it’s likely you can find them online and send them an email or even contact them via social media. Don’t hold any expectation of a response, just send them a note of thanks.

When you put good things into the world—like gratitude and appreciation—everyone benefits. Let someone know how much they’ve helped you and how. They probably need to hear it.

Express gratitude to those who have helped you. If possible, write a note.

Who could you reach out and express gratitude to today?

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