April 17

No matter how much you love your job, it’s common to grow stale over time. You’ve seen the same patterns and problems and people over and over, and each day can feel like going around the same traffic circle over and over. “Look, kids, Big Ben! Parliament!” (Bonus points if you get that movie reference.)

One method for pushing out of the rut is to experiment with new creative domains, not in your on-demand work but on the side, in your own time. Identify a new skill or domain you’re interested in exploring, and carve out some time for it. If you are a designer, maybe you should try writing or music. If you’re a marketer, learn the basics of design. If you lead a team of videographers, try learning a musical instrument. As much as these activities might seem like irrelevant hobbies, they will actually awaken parts of your creative brain that have grown numb due to the repetitive nature of your everyday work. And they just might give you new ways of thinking about that on-demand work as well. You may stumble across a great idea while perusing a book or course that has nothing to do with your job.

To stay energized and alive, experiment with new domains.

Which domain or discipline should you explore as a way to energize your creativity?

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