April 13

Most people celebrate when they accomplish something meaningful, like gaining a new client, winning a big deal, or delivering a successful project. And you should! It’s important to mark the moment and celebrate those wins.

But it shouldn’t require a big win for you to mark a moment. You should celebrate the much more everyday, mundane behaviors that actually propel you toward your goals. For example, if you are writing a book, don’t wait until your book hits the shelves to celebrate. Instead, set behavioral goals along the way (writing a certain number of words in a week, finishing a chapter in a certain amount of time, etc.), and celebrate when you hit them. These behavioral goals are far more critical to your forward progress.

If you manage a team, take time to celebrate small moments with people who engage in behavior you want to see more often. For example, if someone is typically hesitant to share an idea in a meeting and they speak up and offer a suggestion, take a moment to encourage them and celebrate their effort afterward.

Celebrate the behavior you want to see more of and you are likely to get more of the results you want thrown in.

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