April 11

I’m sure that you’ve heard, as often as I have, someone exclaim, “I just wish I had total freedom on this project to do whatever I want.” They rail against the seemingly constrictive limits their client or manager has put in place and long for complete autonomy. If only they had more freedom, they could do something truly brilliant.

In reality, total freedom is not helpful for the creative process. When everything is a possibility, progress is difficult. After all, how do you even begin to focus when there are no limits?

However, when you have a bounding arc—a place to begin and focus your initial efforts—progress is much easier to achieve. Once you have momentum, you can redirect as needed.

If you’re stuck, it’s possible that what you really need is some kind of bounding arc. You may be stagnant simply because you lack a place to begin. Having something in place to push against—even if it limits possibilities—can be beneficial to any project in the long run.

Don’t decry your lack of freedom. Leverage bounding arcs to your advantage by channeling your energy within them. Innovate within your limits.

Total freedom is not helpful in the creative process. Sometimes all you need to get moving is a bounding arc.

Is there a project right now where you are stuck because there are too many possibilities?

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