April 10

Maybe you’re in the midst of challenging times right now. Or maybe this is one of the best seasons of your life and career. Either way, know this: it’s going to end. There will come a point when you have to move on, and this all will be a memory.

In the moment, it can seem like what’s happening now will always be happening. We mentally convert present circumstances into permanent ones. However, everything is seasonal. Everything.

Why is this important?

Because when you fixate on what’s happening right now, you begin to lose track of your vision. You funnel resources toward maintaining the status quo or simple survival, and you stop thinking about where you want to go. When this happens, you ignore or overlook opportunity. You get stuck in a moment you can’t get out of. (Thanks, U2!)

So I don’t know what you’re experiencing right now, but no matter how good or bad it feels, know that it’s just a moment. It’s a season. This is going to end. Keep your eyes fixed ahead.

No matter what you’re currently going through, it’s going to end.

Is there a present circumstance you are fixated on in some way? How can you shift to the future?

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