April 1

You Can Do Hard Things

I don’t know if you need to hear this right now, but here you go:

You can do hard things.

You can handle a challenging manager.

You can tackle that seemingly unsolvable problem.

You can have the difficult conversation.

You can collaborate with that obnoxious person.

You can do more than you’ve ever done in less time than you’ve ever done it.

You can be brilliant again when it matters most.

You can endure through this season of hardship.

You can be stronger on the other side.

You can work a job and not lose yourself.

You can both create tremendous value and enjoy yourself while doing it.

You can take that risk.

You can sit for a while and do nothing when needed.

You can study.

You can do difficult physical things.

You can not just survive but thrive under adversity.

You can put yourself out there.

You can start over if you need to.

When things get difficult, remember this: you can do hard things.

What hard thing do you need to do today?

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