3 Questions To Ask Someone You Trust

You need other people in your life to help you see yourself fully. You only see a certain perspective, but people around you can help you see oppor- tunities for growth and advancement that are invisible to you.

But by default, community doesn’t naturally come to you. You have to go to community. You have to seek it out.

If you have people in your life you trust to help you grow, there are three questions that you should be asking them often. Also, if you are a manager, these three questions can help you unlock areas of growth for yourself and your team and can illuminate places where you’re slipping into ruts or overcontrolling the team.

The three questions are as follows:

1. What am I doing right now that I should stop doing? 2. What is something obvious that you think I don’t see? 3. How can I be of help right now?

If you ask these three questions consistently of people you trust, you are likely to get answers that surprise you. And you are likely to find that the answers you receive lead to breakthroughs both personally and professionally.

We need community around us to help us see ourselves, our gifts, and our growth opportunities more fully.

Who can you ask these three questions of this week?

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